Admission test

In order to be admitted to the Degree course, the student must have a Secondary School Diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable.
A good knowledge of spoken and written Italian is advisable. It is desirable that the student can resort to reasoning, knowledge and show an aptitude to use the main results of elementary mathematics, algebra, physics and in general the foundations of the experimental sciences.
The verification of knowledge at the entrance is carried out through a test that also has a value of orientation but that is mandatory for the identification of educational gaps.
For those students who do not pass this test, there are additional training obligations (OFA), described in detail in the Didactic Regulations of the Degree course. The additional training obligations will be fulfilled in the first year of the course.


There is no admission test to the Degree Course.

In any case, the student will have to pass the TOLC-I test in order to self-evaluate and to verify the possible need to fill educational debts.

The selection for the purposes of enrollment is made on the basis of the chronological order of booking with valorisation of merit through the final grade.

(max 50 places, of which 2 reserved for foreign students)

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